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Quality AssuranceAt Mohammedi Builders Ltd we set ourselves only the highest standards. We believe that we can only deliver true value to our clients if all of our employees adhere to organisation-wide quality assurance procedures. Our rapid growth is a direct result of this total commitment to quality in all things.

We realise that each project has its unique needs and challenges, and will require a bespoke quality control plan, addressing issues such as material storage, workmanship, documentation, submission and non-conforming work. Detailed QA procedures are developed for each project that address its peculiarities fully.

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we have recently set up a dedicated Quality Control and Quality Assurance department, which is developing Quality Management Systems to establish logical and practical procedures for every department in the company, putting us on the path to total quality workmanship. This team also carries out physical quality checks on all building sites, making sure construction is managed as per client specifications and approved architectural and structural drawings.