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HealthNo modern project can ignore health and safety issues, but we at Mohammedi Builders Ltd have always considered it of the highest importance. HSE imposes both a legal and a moral duty on an organisation to protect its employees, its clients, and anyone who will use the structures it builds, and we are committed to meeting and exceeding best industry practice in all ways. After all, safe workers are productive workers!

Just as with quality control, each project presents a unique set of health and safety concerns. For this reason, we at MBL establish a bespoke HSE plan for each project we work on, including the stationing of first aid trained personnel on site, ensuring management makes regular inspections personally, and establishing a culture of site cleanliness in all of our employees and contractors.



We believe that all accidents could be prevented, and constantly strive to improve our safety practices to move ever closer to a perfect safety record. We work tirelessly to identify existing and potential hazards, and to control any risks in three ways:


Quality Assurance 2


    • Elimination of risk factors whenever possible
    • Mitigating or minimising the risk when necessary, via engineering or access controls
    • Where a risk can neither be mitigated nor eliminated, PPE and administrative solutions are used to maximise safety factors.