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imageedit 1 6199009072MBL’s Directors and Managers have carefully assembled one of the best teams of professionals and highly skilled workers in the construction industry. The bulk of our team is made up of Tanzanian citizens, and whilst we prefer to recruit locally we employ a great many expatriate experts in management and supervisory roles. The end result is a team that meets and exceeds client expectations in every regard.



Our core team includes:


Name  Position
Taher M Jafferji                                   Civil Engineer, Managing Director                  
Sakina T Jafferji Director
Harish Jethwa Project Manager
Ahmed Mussa Quantity Surveyor
Mustafa A Hamid Head Accountant/Administrator
Huzeifa Y Gulamali Plant/ Logistics Manager
Mohammed Doctor Financial Controller
Mustafa Karimjee Surveyor/ Interior Designer
Mustafa Bhaijibhai Mechanical Manager
Sunil Katamuri Accountant
Muslim Jamnagarwalla Project Incharge
Taher Ayman Structural Engineer
Mustafa Valibhai Site Engineer
Mustafa Gulamali Quality Systems Manager
Charles Mzori Quantity Surveyor
Joyce Lyimo Accounts Assistant
Estha Maona Accounts Clerk
Narsing Kulkarni Electrical Consultant
Avii Maneeyar Interior Designer
Lakshesh Maneeyar Interior Designer
Said R Mtomaye Site Forman
Fredrick Mponza Site Forman
Hussein Kilangura Site Forman
Paul Murwa Mechanics 
Aliasghar Bashir Electrical Engineer
Hamisi Ally Mechanic
Juma Mrisho Land Surveyor 
Ajay Pratap Singh Batching Plant Operator 
Elias A. Ally Store Keeper 
Hatim Akbarali Purchasing Officer 
Daniel S. Molel Security Supervisor
Noman M. Rafiq Civil Engineer 
Aftabhussain Mohammedali Head Mechanic
Mwasiti Hussein Secretary
Rahma Mwime Assistant Secretary
Huzefa Zavery Electrical Engineer 
Bonny Fernandes General Yard Incharge
Bhavesh Vara Purchasing Officer
Khuzema Khorjin Head of Stores
Dharam Vir Singh Batching Plant Operator
Bhanwar Lal Jangir Carpentry Workshop Supervisor 
William Mahona Junior Civil Engineer
Mohammed Afzal Steel Fabrication Workshop
Nemee Chand Jangir Carpentry Workshop Supervisor
Surendra Jhangir Carpentry Workshop Manager