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We are committed to quality, and that means incorporating as many skillsets, fields of expertise, and technical capacities as possible. To this end, we have tried to incorporate most of the vital elements of the construction phase under one roof, carrying out a greater proportion of the work at a central location in a more controlled environment. This allows us to provide better results and substantial savings as well, for us and our esteemed clients.  



Some of our most important in-house facilities include:


  • Our steel fabrication workshop, which is staffed with highly qualified and experienced welders and fabricators, using the latest machinery and equipment. We can fabricate all kinds of steel and metal products on site, including grills, gates, car stoppers, fences and column protection solutions.
  • Our mechanical workshop, where fully qualified mechanics, technicians and mechanical engineers provide repairs and maintenance for all of our equipment and vehicles. Keeping the equipment maintained to our high standards means less down-time and faster project completion for you.
  • Our state of the art carpentry and joinery workshop, which produces very high quality, international standard furniture of all kinds. We are able to supply residential furniture including beds, tables, free-standing and integrated cupboards, etc., as well as all types of office and warehousing furniture. Furthermore, we ensure that all formwork for our projects is of the highest quality, and supervised by highly skilled expatriate carpenters and their teams.
  • Our in-house interior design team consists of several skilled architects and interior designers who have worked in many parts of the world, gaining experience in many international and regional styles. We can handle any design challenge, from decorating a suite of personal rooms or apartments to a complete design and build of a multi-million dollar facility. Our designers use the latest software to produce detailed and professional mock-ups for our clients well before work begins.
  • Our four concrete batching plants are situated strategically around Dar es Salaam to supply construction projects anywhere in the city. Our batching plants and fleet of ten concrete transit mixers help us to reduce overall build time substantially, and lowering the cost to our clients proportionally. In addition, our world class team of logistics professionals, plant operators, pump operators and management staff ensure every operation works smoothly.
  • Machinery, tools, equipment and vehicles - As a Class 1 Main Contractor we provide all of our staff with the best tools, equipment and machinery, ensuring that their work can be of highest standard and quality. Of course, these tools would do little good without training, and our workers and professional tradesmen are some of the best skilled in the industry. As all of our equipment is repaired and maintained at our own facilities, we ensure that every worker has the right tool for the job.
  • Our paint workshop is also state of the art, housing a team of experienced painters and supervisors who carry out the painting for our vehicles and equipment as well as for the steel pieces we fabricate, including steel gates and fencing, exposed structural elements, grills and more.